Mt.Fuji Highlight Cycling Tour

This tour features a guided exploration of scenic Mt. Fuji points, historical landmarks, and beautiful natural fountain water areas in Fuji City. Our tour guides provide explanations in English. Additionally, you can enjoy activities that showcase Japanese culture and delicious local foods.

Enjoy the essence of Mt. Fuji in every sip with our meticulously crafted Fuji tea, made with the purest snowmelt water and the dedication of local tea farmers.

The mountain gate has been designated as a tangible cultural property of the city, and it is a nationally designated important cultural property created by a sculptor from the Kamakura period.

You can enjoy views of Mount Fuji alongside the Uruigawa River.

One of Japan's three major Daruma markets, the "Bishamonten festival," will be held at Myoho-ji Temple.

Experience the top sushi restaurant in the city. Utilizing fresh seasonal delicacies sourced from both sea and mountains, along with a rich variety of ingredients throughout the year, you can savor the most delicious offerings at any given moment.

Experience the craft of using paper unique to Fuji City, known as the "Paper Town," to create vibrant artworks.


Start and finish  9:30am to 15:00pm

Tour Rate

Price  33,000yen for a person (Tax included)


Fee includes guide fee, E-bike rental, rental helmet, lunch, activities ,and insurance

Meeting Place

JR Shin-Fuji station


One party 3 to 5 people


Exclusive one party per day


・Conditions for children to participate in tours 
 1. 155 cm or taller
 2. must be able to ride a bicycle by himself/herself

included in tour fee
 - guide fee, E-bike rental, rental helmet, lunch, activities ,and insurance

Cancellation Policy
 - Within 3 days before the date of cycling > 30% of total amount
 - 1 day before the date of cycling > 50% of total amount
 - No-show and on the date of cycling > 100% of total amount

The cycling tour will be cancelled if it's raining. and we will not take any charge at this situation.


・What to wear
 You should wear comfortable attire suitable for riding a bicycle. Sneakers would be appropriate choices.

・Personal items during the tour
 While you are on the tour, we will store your items in the car that accompanies the tour. Please remember to take your important items with you, as we cannot be held responsible for any damage or losses.


 Our tours are covered by domestic travel accident insurance: 10 million yen for death and,5,000 yen per day for hospitalization, 3,000 yen per day for hospital visits, and 100 million yen in liability compensation.
※We strongly recommend purchasing overseas travel insurance before traveling to prepare for injuries or liability that may occur during the trip.

Click here to view information on the coverage(outline).

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